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                                                                  Who are the friendlyly Muslims?   
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About This Web - from the publisher  

This site is intended to try to make us look beyond the first level of our sources of information, because as much as we would like clearly defined white and black hats for the good guys and bad guys, we have to sort out shades of gray in order to have true discernment.

The site looks at things across the spectrum, here and abroad, in order to try to figure out what the heck is really going on.


Many major on-going events are compartmentalized by the media, when actually many of them are linked with the same threads.


This is a finite planet. The hunger for energy sources and strategic materials is growing rapidly as countries like China, India

and Russia are growing at dramatic rates.


There is a total war for energy hegemony.

It's like the old westerns where the cattle barons fought over water rights, except instead of horses and bullets, there would be missiles and nukes.


Amother  thread is Islam, and it's objective to conquer the world.

This also is a total war

Much energy resides in the lands of Islam.

To us it is a need. To them it is a weapon.


There are urgent issues to be faced today, probably more urgent than any we've faced before.

In the following issues, news events will be presented from various sources, both here and abroad, representing a spectrum of political and national views.


We will be looking for the threads that bind.